Interesting data: the OECD Teaching and Learning International survey (and a handy tool for visualising it).


For those of you interested in comparative research, I have just found via the Guardian’s Data Blog a fairly useful toy, that helps you visualise data across OECD/G20 countries and more; on topics including education, employment, migration, quality of life, poverty/inequality and others. It’s called Compare Your Country and can be found here.

The Guardian’s Sarah Marsh uses it to look at data from the Teaching and Learning International survey. As an exercise in sociological imagination, I took the opportunity to play with the data a little bit more.

According to their web page, TALIS is the first international survey programme to focus on the learning environment and the working conditions of teachers in schools. 31 countries- including the UK for the first time- have been surveyed in 2013, and the results can be found here. (It can also be embedded into websites; unfortunately WordPress won’t let me do this).


Simply select the country you are interested in to compare it with the OECD average:

cyc1Teachers in the UK, for instance, are younger, more likely to have tertiary education and teaching training; but have less years of teacher training behind them.

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