Creative ways of representing the gender gap


So, a bit more than 50% of the world’s population are women. About 22% of the world’s elected legislative representatives are women (see here) and the UK is just about average on this front.As of January 2014, 9 women served as Head of State and 15 served as Head of Government.(There are 195 independent states in the world).

Sounds a bit abstract? Here’s another way of thinking about it:

Here’s a picture of world leaders and influential politicians participating to the Charlie Hebdo solidarity march. Look at it carefully:


An ultra-Orthodox Jewish paper in Israel decided to photoshop and crop out female politicians, because their editorial policy forbids pictures of women. Let’s see how this looks like:


Doesn’t look much different, does it? If anything, you would have to pay some attention to it to spot the difference.

But what happens if we photoshop the men instead? Well, the funny people at Waterford Whispers did it!


Look at the two photoshops side by side. This is how the gender gap in politics looks like.

Another cool toy was created by the Electoral Reform Society: let’s play the name game!

Basically how it works: you enter your first name and it tells you how many MP’s, past and present (since 1945), share it.

So since 1945, Britain had:

251 MP’s named John, 131 named David, 94 William, 80 George, 78 James, 76 Michael, 72 Robert, 71 Peter, 60 Richard.

The most common female MP name? Margaret- 10 of them. Or Anne- also 10. The 67th most common MP name. (There were also 11 MP’s named Leslie, which is a fairly gender-ambiguous name; I don’t know how many of them were male and how many female).

There were also more MP’s named  Dudley (3), Cuthbert (3), Fergus (2), Fitzroy (2) or Godfrey (2) than Mohammad (only 1).



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